About Me_

I’ve spent the last fifteen years working for some of the world’s most influential companies and the incredible senior management teams that work within them.

My role was to organise both their business and personal lives so they ran as efficiently as possible. I did this by continually thinking ahead and always having a plan B! I have had the honour of going on tour with some of the most successful artists in the world including Stevie Wonder and Mariah Carey to working at the world’s eighth wonder The Eden Project in Cornwall.
I’ve always been a tidy and well organised person, I started extending this love of organisation to people’s homes whilst visiting friends and family who were struggling to keep their houses in order, often when new babies came along or family members had passed away. I enjoyed helping them so much I decided to take the leap and leave my office job and become a full-time professional organiser and Virtual Assistant.

I personally enjoy living with less and the freedom it brings; its quicker to clean the house and brings me mental wellness. I find when things are organised in my life I can think clearer, make quicker decisions, and sleep more soundly. I’d love to bring this sense of peace to your life to so if you think I could help you as a VA or a professional organiser get in touch!

Living with less